About Maskmee

Face masks designed to match your unique style.

My name is Mask Mee and I’m super excited to tell you that in these crazy times, I’m going to be your new best friend. Yes, I know the outside world is a bit uncertain at the moment and that can feel overwhelming but I promise to be here for you. I’ll be your protector from the madness to ensure you can keep going as normal… whatever that means now!
As we know in the UAE it’s required we wear a mask when leaving our homes but surgical masks should be reserved for our #healthcare heroes. It’s important that this medical-grade equipment is readily available for those on the front line.
But you should still be able to be as safe as possible when out in public. I was created to provide you with the best protection possible while making sure you look sexy as hell with me on your face!

Mask Mee masks are environmentally responsible, reusable, material masks designed to match your unique style. With insertable filter capability plus 29 designs for women and 5 for men to choose from, you can feel comfortable knowing both your style and your safety are at the top of the game.
We specialise in comfortable, fitted designs. Therefore Mask Mee comes in two sizes for men and women and doesn’t have elastic over the ears, which can be painful with prolonged use.
Sadly, there are a lot of people suffering right now, many people can’t afford masks or proper protection. Mask Mee wants to help in any way possible so, for each mask sold, we will be contributing toward masks for those in the community who really need it.

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